Drills – The Garden Trampoline: Basics

Some of the sequences are continuation from previous sequences. Only drills are added from the book.





Bouncing with Arms Down

Bouncing with Arms Up

Bouncing and Stopping

Standing Arm Circle

Standing Arm Circle with Jump


Straight Jump

Straight Jump – Tuck Position

Straight Jump – Pike Position

Straight Jump – Straddle Position


Straight Jump – Half Twist

Straight Jump – Full Twist

Standing – Seat Drop

Standing – Seat Drop – Stand

Seat Drop – Half Twist – Stand

Seat Drop – Half Twist – Rebound – Seat Drop

Seat Drop – Half Twist – Seat Drop

Standing Fallback – Stand

Standing – Back Drop – Stand

Standing – Back Drop – Rebound – Half Twist

Back Drop – Half Twist Up

Hands and Knees Bouncing

 Standing Position to Hands and Knees Bouncing

Straight Jump – Hands and Knees – Stand

Hands and Knees – Front Drop

Hands and Knees – Front Drop – Hands and Knees

Standing Position – Jump – Front Drop