Drills – Splits: Basics

Only drills from the book are added.





Jumping Jacks



Leg Lifts

Back Arches

Quad Stretch

Standing Pike Stretch

Sandwich (Pointed Toes)

Sandwich (Feet Flexed)

Straight Front Leg Stretch on Knee (Feet Flexed)

Straight Front Leg Stretch on Knee

Kneeling Quad Stretch


Pancake Side Stretch (Facing Out)

Pancake Side Stretch (Facing Down)

Pancake Side Stretch Facing Down (Feet Flexed)

Lunge Stretch

Standing Straight Legs Apart Stretch (Walk Position)

Standing Pancake Stretch

Lunge Stretch from Knee

Lunge Stretch with Elbows Down

Butterfly Pushing Knees Down

Butterfly Sandwich

Inward Half Split Sandwich (Facing Down)

Inward Half Split Sandwich (Facing Side)

Half Split Sandwich Stretch (Facing Down)

Half Split Sandwich Stretch (Facing Side)

Half Split Center Stretch with Elbow Support

Half Split Center Stretch

Half Split Lie-Back with Elbow Support

Half Split Lie-Back

Front Split with Arched Back

Front Split Sandwich

Middle Split

Middle Split Pancake

Front Split on Back

Front Split with Wall (Facing Outward)

Front Split with Wall (Facing Inward)

Front Split Pulling Back Leg